If you are a big fan of winter weather, you may not like the sound of this! The Weather Channel just released a temperature outlook for the last three months of the year.

The Weather Channel released their outlook for October, November and December for the entire nation, including Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Twin Ports. Everyone knows that winter in the Northland and surrounding areas and beyond can be brutal.

What are other agencies predicting for the Twin Ports this winter?

This winter could be even worse, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. They recently sent everyone into a frenzy when they released their outlook for the 2021 - 2022 winter season. They are predicting this winter will be a "season of shivers" and also warned that everyone should brace for the coldest and longest winter we've had in some time.

Also adding to the frenzy is the fact that it could be another La Niña winter season. In July of this year, the National Weather Service reported that we would likely see a La Niña winter again, like we did during the winter of 2020 - 2021.

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Now, The Weather Channel is weighing in. They released a temperature outlook for the rest of the year and it doesn't exactly fall in line with another La Niña winter or with the predictions made by the Old Farmer's Almanac.

What is the temperature outlook for the Northland in October and November, according to the Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel is forecasting a "warm" October across the midwest in October. This includes the Northland and most of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Weather Channel says our region will get "relatively little of the chill the month is known for" come November.

What does the outlook say about December in the Northland?

December is a notoriously cold month in the Twin Ports but it looks like it won't be any colder than usual, according to the Weather Channel. Their outlook says temperatures will stay near-average for the month for the Twin Ports. Keep in mind that near-average temperatures in December aren't warm but according to this outlook, they shouldn't fall below average, making for brutally cold conditions.

Like I said, this doesn't exactly fall in line with the Old Farmer's Almanac or with another La Niña winter. However, we could still see what the Old Farmer's Almanac is calling a "season of shivers" during the later part of our winter. With that being said, our La Niña winter might hit later in December or early next year. Temperatures are only part of the equation.

As for when we can expect our first snow, so far we are in the clear with that. We recently reached out to meteorologists across the Northland to see when they are predicting our first snowfall of the season and thankfully, none of them are predicting September!

The first snowfall can't be too far away, as this is the Twin Ports after all. Soak in all the fall weather while you can and we will see what happens!

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