With a short drive to the Twin Cities you and your family can enjoy a full day of Indoor fun. Located at 7700 York Avenue in Edina this giant indoor facility has something for everyone.

The winters in this area can be long and some days just too cold to enjoy outside activities, so this is a great option for the kids to be active and not battle the elements.

Operated by the city of Edina the playground portion is called Adventure Peak which is filled with all kinds of slides some with big twists and turns, bars to climb and various tunnels to crawl through too. The park is open Monday through Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 9am-6pm.

Other attractions include a gym full of toys to play with, a 250 seat amphitheater where they often play family friendly movies and music, a junior size Olympic pool and much more. So before that cabin fever sets in, this might be a fun family destination, For more information on Edinborough Park Click Here

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