It's rare, but it's back. The lone star tick is not indigenous to these parts, but it can hitch a ride on animals or birds traveling here from the south. A lone star tick has been positively identified in the Eau Claire area according to channel3000.

We've talked about this before, and I even know someone who has had this tick bite. It can cause your body to be allergic to certain types of red meat. It can forever change your life, so it's beset to always be prepared. Use insect repellent. Check for ticks after being outdoors. Go to the doctor immediately if you find a strange bite. Wear bright colored clothing so it is easier to spot.

These lone star ticks can be spotted by a white dot on the female ticks. But still, you may never know for sure. Not to mention there are many other diseases that can be transmitted that are very serious from ticks. Be on the look out.

If you do spot a tick that could be the lone star tick, you are asked to report it to the UW-Madison Entomology department.

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