Do you have trouble picking Valentine's Day gifts out?  To be honest, I have never really gotten into the spirit before this year.  MSN Living suggests these 6 things to make sure it's the best for your significant other.


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    Don't Procrastinate

    This may seem like an obvious thing.  However, many of us simply have time catch up.  Fact of the matter is, the more investigative work, and more time you give yourself to think things through, the better the gift will be.  Not many of us can pull off last minute miracles.

    I almost got caught myself this year.  Now I can't get too specific just in case she reads this.  Part of my Valentine's Day Gift I planned ahead.  The other part I scrambled.

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    Start With Your Valentine's Love Language

    This may sound odd.  The language of love?  What is that?  Quite simply, different actions, gifts, gestures, etc. appeal to each of us in a different way.  We each have our own language of love.  Some people appreciate the small things like a kiss goodbye, others like the affirmation of a random 'I love you'.  Direct your gift to appeal to your Valentine's language of love.


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    Be Creative And Original

    This doesn't necessarily mean you have to create your own valentine by hand.  It's more of shifting your thinking away from chocolates and flowers, unless its a part of a grander gift.  Maybe your significant other mentioned a new hobby, experience, or food they wanted to try.  That can be a wonderful valentine to simply create a new memory together.

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    Find Your Pheromones

    You know that feeling you had when you first met your significant other?  You almost felt giddy, a natural high.  Fact is the pheromones you two give off was actually affecting each other in a way that heightened your senses.  This doesn't continue on forever.  Your pheromones change over time.  You can get around this by adding some mystery and excitement.

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    Appeal To Their Personal Tastes

    This sort of goes hand-in-hand with number 2.  However, the thought does count if (and only if) you actually put some thought into it.  Pay attention to whats going on in your significant others life at the time.  Some simple gifts can mean the world with the perfect timing.

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    Incorporate Learning Something Together

    Whether it's a cooking class, wine tasting, or dancing classes, learning something alongside your  partner can create or strengthen the bonds you have with her/him.

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