While the app has been around for some time, Bitstrips have taken Facebook by storm in the last couple weeks. If you're tired of seeing all of the comics in your Facebook Newsfeed, here's how to banish them.

Tired of seeing all kinds of these in your Facebook Newsfeed?


You're in luck! You have the chance to block just these. (Not sure why you would want to block such Facebook jems, but here you go)

  • 1

    Go to "Account Settings"

    Access your account settings
  • 2

    Access "Blocking Settings"

    Access your blocking settings, where people and apps can be blocked
  • 3

    Block "Bitstrips"

    Type "Bitstrips" into the apps area to block this app from your feed
  • 4

    If That's Too Challenging...

    Here's a good alternative - Block from your newsfeed like this