As the never-ending fan-fueled debate regarding Matt Skiba and Tom DeLonge ensues, blink-182 listeners have recently gained more insight into the mind of the band's former guitarist and vocalist—and why he left the band in 2015.

While early blink-182 fans may be disheartened by DeLonge's continued refusal to rejoin the band, they may also be grateful to know that he and Mark Hoppus remain as tight as ever.

The news comes after a fan tweeted about being on an Angels & Airwaves kick recently. Despite being previously bitter that DeLonge left blink-182 five years ago, the fan said they understood why he decided to pursue other projects. DeLonge then found the tweet, adding that he still thinks fondly of his former band.

"I LOVE blink-182, and even talked to Mark Hoppus yesterday," DeLonge says. "But, I do difficult (and new) things because I feel a passion to express emotion and lift people up. I am VERY selective about what I pour myself into."

It was unspecified what exactly Hoppus and DeLonge talked about, however, fans seem to be satisfied that the two continue to make music in their own respective spheres while staying in touch.

That said, this isn't the first time DeLonge expressed positive feelings toward his former bandmates. "I love that band. I started that band, by the way," DeLonge shared back in September of last year. "I love Mark and Travis, we still talk, we're all good. Everything is awesome and people don't know, so they say a bunch of weird shit on the Internet."

Recently, Angels & Airwaves released a new song titled, "All That's Left Is Love." The band released the song to aid COVID-19 relief. In an effort to fight food insecurity in these uncharted times, the proceeds from the song will be donated to Feeding America. You can listen to the new track below and get it for yourselves here.

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