Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get the latest news, local event information and more, but you have to know who to follow or like so you're getting the best and entertaining information. The Mix 108 Facebook page should already be one of your favorites but here are 6 other local Facebook fan pages and Twitterers you should follow.

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    Facebook: TwinPortsNightlife.com

    Do you know what you're doing tomorrow night?

    Ever wonder what's going on in town on a night you actually have the energy AND a sitter and NO shows you need to watch? A complete list of what bands are playing and where, places that have karaoke when you feel like singing, and concerts that are coming to town for both sides of the bridge(s). Not only are you subject to this information, but there are always a ton of free ticket giveaways to the BEST events from Twin Ports Nightlife!

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    Facebook: Seize the Deal-Duluth

    Everyone loves to save money, right? Well, if you say you don't like to save money--I call your bluff! So why not save money, support local businesses, and get rewarded for it? It's easy to do. See a deal you like, and seize it. Plus, you'll get a unique link after you seize your deal, and you can post it to Facebook, Twitter, or email it to friends. You'll get $10.00 in Seize the Deal credit when someone else Seizes the Deal off your unique link! Try it today...I've Seized a ton of Deals for FREE just by sharing with friends!

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    Facebook: Northland's News Center

    I admit, I hardly ever watch the news. It always seems like I'm at a practice, a game, cooking, cleaning, working or sleeping when the news is on. However, because I have "liked" the Northland's News Center on Facebook, I still feel like I'm in the loop! Top local and national news stories are posted consistently throughout the day through the Facebook pages of our local newscasts!

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    Twitter: Ryan Seacrest

    and E! Online

    Our biggest Mix 108 Celebrity, Ryan Seacrest!! For the latest on anything and everything that has to do with celebrities, reality stars, music, and, well, EVERYTHING, @ryanseacrest and @eonline are the ones to follow. Not to mention everything you wanted to read about in 140 characters or less when it comes to American Idol, AT40, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the Kardashian Clan…and basically all of pop culture. If there is one guy who knows everyone, or at least does a great job faking it, it’s Ryan Seacrest!

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    Twitter: Dan Hanger

    To get the latest in what’s happening locally, follow Dan to get the 411 with a little personality! He's one of the most social media active news people we have here...and he's funny. And he has adorable dimples. :)

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    Twitter: Kevin Jacobsen

    Kevin is an awesome Tweeter! If you're following this news-lover on Twitter, you'll know what's going on before it even happens! Ok, maybe not before. That would be impossible unless you had a time machine.