The 2019 NorthShore Inline Marathon and SkateFest is this weekend, bringing recreational and competitive skaters from around the world to the Twin Ports area for this event. Roadways along the event's course will be closed for a period of time on on Friday and Saturday to accommodate setup and the races. Here is what you need to know:


  • Starting at 4 pm, Harbor Drive will be closed for Kid's Inline Sprint Races from Railroad Street near the Irvin, to the back ticket parking area of the DECC. The DECC ticketing parking area will remain accessible from the Aquarium side of Harbor Drive. The Great Lakes Aquarium will be accessible during this event. Harbor Drive will re-open about 6:30 pm.


  • 05:30 am:
    • The Scenic Highway will be closed from the Highway 61 Expressway to Two Harbors for Race Setup. Local traffic will be guided off the Scenic Highway toward the Expressway.
  • 06:15 am:
    • All Southbound traffic on the Hwy 61 Expressway will be diverted onto Superior Street.
    • 60th Ave E will be closed from Tioga St to Superior St. Traffic will be diverted to 58th and 61st Avenues East. DTA BUSES will follow this diversion and turn down 58th Ave E to Superior St.
    • London Road will be closed from 60th Avenue East to 26th Avenue East.
  • I-35 will be closed from 5th Ave West to 26th Ave East. South bound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at 26th Ave E and 21st Ave E. North bound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at Mesaba Avenue, 5th Ave West Viaduct, Lake Avenue, and 2nd Avenue East/Michigan St.
  • The 5th Avenue West Viaduct will be limited to one lane southbound, to Southbound I-35, the Aquarium, the Connector to Railroad Street, or to the DECC. The northbound lane of 5th Avenue West will be closed to vehicle traffic.

Roads open up from north to south as last athlete passes by

  • 1 pm – 60th Ave E course cutoff
  • 1:30pm – 26th Ave E course cutoff
  • 2pm – Last Finisher cutoff

Location-Specific Notes

  • Lakeshore Lutheran Home: Vehicles will be able to enter/exit their lot WITH ASSISTANCE FROM OFFICERS POSTED THERE, between skaters when it is safe.
  • Chateau Apartments: (3800 London Road) Residents can exit onto London Road going WEST ONLY, WITH ASSISTANCE FROM THE VOLUNTEER POSTED THERE, and will be sent up 36th Avenue East. Access to the Chateau will be from 40th Avenue East, with assistance from Officers posted there.
  • Glensheen: Access to the Glensheen Mansion will be from 36th Avenue East, then west on London Road, with assistance from posted Officers. Exit from Glensheen will be West on London Road to 32nd Ave East. ONLY WHEN SAFE, WHEN NO SKATERS ARE PRESENT.
  • DECC: The DECC Lot will remain open with access and exit FROM RAILROAD STREET ONLY. The 5th Ave West exit will be closed. Exit from the DECC Lot will be from the Parking Ramp onto Railroad Street.
  • Aquarium: The Aquarium will be accessible from Railroad Street and 5th Avenue West. Exit from the Aquarium Lot will be down the Connector road to Railroad Street only.
  • Canal Park: Canal Park will be accessible down Lake Avenue.

MEDICAL/EMERGENCY VEHICLES to the RACE FINISH LINE AREA: Should enter the DECC North Gate on Railroad Street and proceed through the lot towards the DECC East Gate (near the Irvin).

People driving in the area of the event should use caution and watch for heavy pedestrian traffic, closed roads, and Police Officers directing traffic.

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