If DreamWorks did anything right for their upcoming Trolls movie, it was making those ugly plastic dolls look a lot cuter in the movie. As someone of the Furby generation, I never quite understood why those creepy naked Danish dolls (where were their clothes?) became such a fad in the 1960s into the ‘90s. The colorful pointy haired creatures seemed too demented to be kids toys. But that’s not the case for the new Trolls movie, which looks to be very kid-friendly.

The first trailer reveals what exactly the Trolls movie is all about. There’s Branch, a light green troll voiced by Justin Timberlake and Poppy, the pink cheery leader of the trolls voiced by Anna Kendrick. The trolls are a really happy, singing group of creatures, but when the pessimistic, troll-eating Bergens show up, Poppy and Branch have to join forces to save their kind. So Trolls is kind of like The Angry Birds Movie, where opposite emotions, like happy and pessimistic, are are what that define their characters.

Trolls also features the voices of Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Russell Brand, musicians Icona Pop, Ron Funches and Kunal Nayaar. Expect lots of color, lots of appropriate silliness and lots of singing. And to no, Justin Timberlake’s really catchy, but really annoying theme song will never get out of your head. Accept it. Trolls opens November 4.

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