Troye Sivan has been fighting for the progress of LGBT rights and equality for years. Not only has he actively joined numerous rallies and events, but he's also been a hub for open communication through his YouTube channel for years. And with all the work he's been doing especially for the youth, the 21-year-old was honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at GLAAD Media Awards on April 1. He is also the youngest individual to receive such an honor.

"This award is so much larger than me," Troye said during his acceptance speech. "This moment is about visibility and about representation. What and who we see in the media defines our perception of the world around us, and so to see ourselves in this picture of what is ‘normal’ and what is acceptable and what is beautiful is absolutely vital. In saying that, so much of the work that has contributed to our progress as a community is far less glamorous than the work that I’m being honored for tonight."

He also wanted to spotlight those who were in the movement before him as well as David France's 2012 documentary How to Survive a Plague.

Congratulations to Troye!

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