According to GoMN, Rob Worman, of Edina is on his way to winning $100,000 on Jeopardy as he has 4 wins in a row behind him. Worman taped the shows around Thanksgiving so he has been enjoying watching the shows with friends and family. I wonder if he spilled the beans on how much money he actually won.

I tune into Jeopardy every once in a while when I really want to feel like I do not know the answer to anything, I just love how Alex Trebek does not look like he has aged a bit. What is it with these game show hosts never aging are they robots?

So far Worman has won $92, 298 and goes for his 5th win on Tuesday February 27th. Apparently Worman revealed to Alex Trebek that one of his many skills is to recite the alphabet backwards to which Trebek coaxed him into doing on the show. Worman has become very popular on Twitter for it.

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