If you happened to be watching the NCAA Men's Basketball championship last night (Monday, April 2), you undoubtedly saw The Fray sing the national anthem to kick off the matchup between Kentucky and Kansas. This is arguably the biggest college sporting event in the country; and with such a big stage set, one would imagine organizers lining up the show wanted an epic performance. Did The Fray deliver?

Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking The Fray as a band. I dig some of their music and I know they have a massive fan base. The point I am making (along with MANY others) is that their laid-back performance of what is usually an epic and emotional part of a sporting event seemed out of place. Technically speaking, they didn't sound bad. Everyone hit their notes and Issac (lead singer) didn't forget any of the lyrics, which gains some points over other acts in recent memory. The outstanding issue is just that it didn't sound like a performance of our national anthem.

The Fray's guitarist today tweeted in response to the criticism and commentary many are offering after the performance:

Upon thinking about it, doing the National Anthem is a bit like choosing between Jif and Skippy. You just can't please everyone.

What did you think of the performance? If you missed it (or want to re-experience it), check the video below. Be sure to vote in the poll below the video and let us know what you thought!