There's a long-standing stereotype about dogs and mail carriers that has been a storyline or punchline for many years. While many think of this as the stuff of myth, there is definitely truth to it all. The fact is that local postal workers in the Twin Ports are subject to dog attacks ever year, and they're asking pet owners to help bring an end to this issue.

Duluth area letter carriers have been dropping postcards in mailboxes recently, informing the public about this issue. They cite a statistic that an average of 4 to 5 dog attacks happen each year right here in Duluth. Because of this, they are making an appeal to dog owners to exercise responsibility and restrain your dogs to prevent potential issues.

On the post card, the following tips are offered:

  • Keep your pet inside your home, or inside a fenced yard.
  • If a mail carrier comes to your door to deliver a parcel or signature mail, please put your pet in another room behind a closed door before opening your door to retrieve your mail.

The note also reminds pet owners that if your pet does attack/bite a letter carrier, the owner "can and will be held responsible". They say this includes medical expenses, lost work hours, and other costs. Also of note, if a mail carrier feels there is a potential threat at any address, service may be curtailed.

Also of concern are instances where a visitor may bring a pet to a residence along with them. Just as residents need to consider the safety of mail carriers, so must visitors equally consider this for their pets.

You might wonder why this tenuous relationship between dogs and mail carriers exist. points out that dogs are territorial creatures, and when an unfamiliar person comes near their territory, they can react out of nervousness or protecting their territory. This often means barking, growling, and even taking aggressive stances or potentially biting.

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