News stories about a potential sequel to Twins are literally as old as this website. Back in 2012, ScreenCrush was writing reports on a movie called Triplets that director Ivan Reitman wanted to make with the original stars of Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, along with a third comedy star, Eddie Murphy, playing their long-lost brother.

Reitman and Schwarzenegger both continued to discuss Triplets in interviews through the last decade, but the movie never came together. Whenever they mentioned the project, it was always with Murphy as that third lead. Finally, it seems, they have given up on waiting for him and are now moving forward with a new man in mind to play that third triplet: Tracy Morgan. Which is a pretty solid replacement, all things considered.

Reitman had this to say about the project in an interview with Deadline:

Twins was quite successful, and some years after, this whole thing started with Arnold meeting Eddie Murphy, and the suggestion came from one of them. It was, ‘I should be a triplet, that could be a very funny comedy.’ We started a script with Eddie, and after the success he had with Amazon Prime on Coming 2 America, he got himself booked up heavily.

When Murphy became unavailable, Reitman had the script (written by Dylan Dawson and Lucas Kavner) rewritten for Tracy Morgan. And here we are.

In the original film — which became a surprise blockbuster in 1988 and turned Schwarzenegger from an action stars into a family-friendly comic leading man — Arnold and DeVito play twins who were born from a science experiment then separated at birth. Decades later, they reconnect. According to Reitman, in Triplets “secretly, there was a third baby born, a Black baby, who hasn’t been in touch with his siblings. They don’t know each other and very early in the movie they meet and it’s how they achieve a bond together after all these years.”

Reitman and company are hoping to shoot Triplets in January of 2022. The project is now headed to the market at the Toronto International Film Festival looking for distributors.

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