According to City Pages last month two Coors Light truck drivers came upon a 29 year old man clinging to the outside of the fencing of the pedestrian bridge on the Earl Street Bridge in St. Paul, as highway traffic was zipping by below him .

The two men were on the way to deliver beer on their route when they saw this man in jeopardy. They pulled the truck over and started talking to him to try and persuade him to get off the edge of the bridge.

Kwame Anderson and Jason Gaebel who was driving the truck called 911 and in the meantime were asking the suicidal man questions and urging him to get ot safety. The man in distress said he was from Chicago and wanted to die. Gaebel jumped out of the truck and ran over to the man again trying to keep him safe until help arrived.

Anderson asked the man if he wanted money or food and the man in distress said no. Anderson then asked if the man wanted a beer and to sit and talk with him as he went to the back of the truck and pulled out a case of Coors Light. The man then got himself down off the bridge and EMT's were on hand to take him to the hospital for evaluation. This man in distress did not get his beer that day, but thanks to these two guys he lived to see another day and hopefully got the help he needed. Also, they may have saved the lives of countless other innocent people since he was perched on a pedestrian bridge above a busy freeway below.





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