Andy and Eric Bert of Woodbury Minnesota have an outdoor pizza oven company named Bertello. They appeared on to the show "Shark Tank" a few weeks ago in order to convince one or more of the judges to invest in their company. Well lucky for them one did, his name is Kevin O'Leary.

The two brothers were asking for an initial $120,000 and whoever made the investment would get 10% profits from the company. O'Leary agreed to the initial amount of money, but he insisted on a 25% of the profits. The brothers agreed and the rest is history.

These pizza ovens are available on Amazon and also on their website with accessories  too. A product description from the company is as follows:" Competitors that do offer smaller portable ovens, typically offer only one source of fuel for heating the oven, such as wood pellets. The Bertello Oven is multi-fueled, which means you can use wood pellets, charcoal, wood or gas. Also, the Bertello uses thick fully insulated walls, ceiling and floor, with an overall superior build quality to any other portable multi-fueled oven on the market!"

So if you are looking for a portable outdoor pizza oven support these local guys and their company. For more on this story click here.

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