The Minneapolis Star Tribune hosted their annual Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket during the month of March and a local brewery won the title this year!

Congratulations to Castle Danger from Two Harbors, they melted the competition to win the 2018 bracket! They took on Twin Cities' Surly brewery for the final matchup and won easily, getting 73% of the vote after placing 2nd in last year's bracket.

According to the Star Tribune, "The Two Harbors brewery earned the No. 2 seed this season, and disposed of Steele Toe in the Sudsy Sixteen, Dangerous Man in the Ale-ite Eight and Bent Paddle in the Foamy Four. Then came the real work: dethroning Twin Cities brewer Surly by the third-largest margin of victory in tournament history (the other two big losers were last season’s 15th and 16th seeds) in the title game."

Castle Danger got 5,256 votes to Surly's 1,908.

Castle Danger opened up in a small building in Castle Danger, MN, north of Two Harbors about 11 miles, before moving into a new, larger facility in Downtown Two Harbors in 2014 which includes a brewing system, canning line, and year-round taproom overlooking Lake Superior.

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