Back in April, the City of Duluth temporarily closed the roadway loop around Enger Tower to allow more outdoor space for social distancing.

A petition was started online to keep E Skyline and Seven Bridges Road closed saying, "Most that drive on this road are not using it for reasons to get anywhere but to race or leisure driving. There is an excessive amount of speeding and it is not safe for others walking, hiking, biking."

In response to that petition, another one was started to, you guessed it, keep E Skyline and Seven Bridges Road open saying, "There are miles and miles of trails for civilians to walk on. The road does not need to be closed just because some people liked walking on it without worrying about cars. Let it be pointed out again that it is a public road."

In normal years the road is closed during the winter and reopens on April 1st, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines the city made the decision to close it, now reopening will upset some and make others happy, which is the way of the world in 2020.

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The keep E Skyline and Seven Bridges Road closed petition has clarified that "It was intended to keep the area of the road closed through this summer to allow social distancing. The area suggested had been blocked since last winter up until this past week. This was not intended to exclude anyone intentionally from these areas but again for safety and social distancing."

As of publishing this blog, 181 people have signed the keep the road closed petition, and 263 have signed the other one asking for the road to remain open.

What do you think? Make your voice heard by signing the petition you agree with.

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