Ahh the college study groups, they were so important because they not only keep you on track but inevitably someone in the group could answer any of your questions as well. Now 2 college students have made an app to make finding said group even easier.

Two University of Minnesota students launched an App back in August to help create study groups and meet new people in your classes. Amin Halimah, the app developer, co-founded the StudyU app in January 2020 with Amy Shah, the app designer. Halimah said to the Star Tribune:

The issue we wanted to fix was that at larger universities like the U of M where there are tens of thousands of students, it can be hard to meet people in lectures containing 100-plus students.

This App has become a way to help students ease into college life and also lessen the intimidation of being at a large university where most students do not interact with each other unless they are put in a group.

Since the launch, the application, which is available on iOS and Android, has gained almost 700 users in 116 different study groups. Something like this is crucial for newer students especially at a large school like The U of M. Thankfully I went to a small university which for me was part of the appeal since I came from a big suburban high school. But I think an app like this is universal and could be used anywhere.

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Shah went on to say to the Star Tribune "We created this app as a way for students to connect with each other in certain classes where it's difficult to do so. It's just a place where people can feel comfortable meeting others without that anxiety of having to create a group with strangers."

This also has to be super helpful for students because of COVID-19 students are not able to socialize with others like normal so an app like this is even more crucial to be able to socialize and meet people.  Shah and Halimah said they hope to expand the app to more users in the Twin Cities area and eventually to larger universities across the country.

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