During Dancing With The Stars' Michael Bublé theme night Oct. 24, contestant Shangela had some tricks, er, chicken up her sleeve.

Or rather, in her dress.

Shangela and her dance partner, Gleb Savchenko, kicked off the show with a spicy tango to Bublé's "Hollywood," and when they stood with host Tyra Banks to receive the judges' critiques, things got juicy.

After head judge Len Goodman complimented the duo by praising their routine as their best yet, Shangela referenced one of Goodman's past comments to her–– "But Mr. Len, were my legs crispy?"

"Your legs were flexed, they had drive, and you had heel leads going on," Goodman confirmed.

"Good, 'cause... My mama said make sure I give you this crispy chicken to make sure that my crispy legs were just as crispy," Shangela joked, stunning everyone by producing a ziplock bag containing a literal chicken leg from her dress.

"Girl, you brought chicken?" Banks exclaimed. "Wait, did you dance this entire time with a piece of fried chicken?"

"I danced with two pieces of fried chicken," Shangela laughed, pulling another bag from her dress.

Banks then offered the fried chicken to the other judges before biting into the chicken leg herself.

"Finger lickin' good," judge Bruno Tonioli joked.

"Take a bite, pass it down," Banks said, handing the chicken off to Tonioli.

After the judges finished giving their critiques, Banks was back to chowing down on the chicken as she sent the dancing duo up to co-host Alfonso Ribeiro for their scores.

Per Page Six, Savchenko said, "I had no idea [she was doing that] until the end."

"At the beginning of the number, Shangela had confetti. She came out of the red carpet and did the whole thing. So before the dance, I saw something tucked in [her dress] and I was like, 'Oh, maybe it’s the glitter,'" he shared.

He added, "And then, no, it was fried chicken."

On keeping the stunt a secret from her dance partner, Shangela told the publication, "I wanted to definitely be laser-focused on that, but, you know, I’m Shangela. I like to bring a little fun, a little spontaneity, a little surprise, and it was one for him, too."

She added that she's "a Texan" and "no stranger to having chicken" close to her heart.

During their interview with Ribeiro, Shangela explained, "Len told me he has been looking for crispy legs. Gleb has been drilling me on crispy legs. And the only crispy legs I know are from KFC or a chicken place."

Many fans expressed how "iconic" Shangela's chicken moment was, with others feeling a little queasy about Banks actually eating the chicken.

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