A Minnesota man is going viral after sharing photos of someone skiing behind a car during a Minnesota snowstorm.

I don't think I have to say this, but a friendly reminder, hitching yourself to a car with skies is extremely dangerous. A post has gone viral on Facebook after a Minnesota man shared pictures of someone hitching a jeep and skiing through an intersection.

Looks like this wild scene was spotted in Shakopee. If you haven't noticed, Minnesota is currently in the middle of a big snowstorm.

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When I reached out to Howard, you took the pictures, he told me that he was heading out to dinner with his fiancée. They looked over to see the person on skis, hitching from the back of a jeep. The person apparently gave Howard's fiancee a thumbs up. The light then turned green, and thankfully they had time to snap a pic to prove to people that this crazy story is real.  Please don't try this stunt at home, but at least the person was wearing a helmet.

Howard Bazinet via FaceBook
Howard Bazinet via Facebook

If you're thinking of trying this dangerous stunt yourself, just know it is also illegal. According to Minnesota Statues 169.46:

No person shall hitch a toboggan, hand sled, bicycle, or other similar device onto any motor vehicle or streetcar while being used on a highway.

Even the Shakopee Police Department shared a reminder on their Facebook page about the incident:

No word on if the person skiing or the person driving received a ticket over this incident. But, please stay safe during this storm, and don't attempt any crazy stunts.

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