How rude!

That catch phrase from ‘Full House’ is now more relevant than ever, thanks to the results of the Civility in America survey.

The findings uncovered that a lack of courtesy is spreading, with 55 percent of respondents claiming incivility will get even worse in the next few years.

Finding a job is certainly tough these days, but once you find work, dealing with colleagues can become a whole new headache. Forty-three percent say they’ve been the victim of uncivil behavior at work and 38 percent say the uncivil behavior on the job  is getting worse.

Getting emotionally beaten up takes it toll and people aren’t about to sit around and take it if they can avoid it. That may explain why 69 percent elected not to buy from a company again after being treated rudely.

Of course, Americans are willing to dish it, as well. Just about half admit to being uncivil on social networks, while half also say they have unfriended or blocked someone from contacting them online because of poor behavior.

Perhaps not surprisingly, 69 percent agree cyberbullying is a growing problem, with 72 percent worried children will be the victims.

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