These crossings have been a problem for years, but it appears that they will be fixed this spring. Back in November, I wrote about how bad the crossing on East 5th street near Hill Avenue in Superior, Wisconsin was. There have been multiple people I know who have bent a rim on their vehicle on this crossing.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

This brought some attention to the matter, and the city petitioned the Office Of The Commissioner of Railroads to investigate the situation. The City of Superior then adopted resolutions for Union Pacific Railroad to fix two of the crossings. The other crossings are located on Catlin Avenue and North of Winter Street, and Catlin Avenue & East of Winter Street.

According to the Superior Telegram, a hearing took place on February 10, and Union Pacific and the city of Superior have reached an agreement for the repairs. Union Pacific plans to repair the crossing on East Fifth Street near Hill Avenue by May 31st.

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The city and Union Pacific have agreed to work together on the repairs directly and avoid having the case go through the Commissioner of Railroads. Engineering firm Olsson is working on getting supplies for the repair and has been notified of other crossings that need repair.

Fortunately, the two sides could come together to finally get these rough railroad crossings fixed. They've been a problem for many years. It will be strange to not see the BUMP hazard signs there, but it will be a welcome sight.

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