I recently became a huge fan of the Netflix show "Cheer" which follows a cheerleading team from a small community college in Texas to the National Finals. I have never been a cheerleader, but that does not matter. I promise you will get sucked in watching all the work, athleticism and determination that goes into the routine they are doing at the championship finals.

The same can be said for the University of Minnesota Dance team. They recently competed in the College Dance Team National Championship and I was in awe of their performance. It is mind blowing to me how that many people can be so synchronized and moving as quickly as they do.

Unfortunately they did not win the competition, but the fact they made it that far is in itself a huge accomplishment. Just like in the show "Cheer" the athleticism that comes with these type of sports is absolutely extraordinary, and it is awesome that they are shown in the national spotlight. No longer on the sidelines cheering on other athletes, they themselves are getting the cheers and it is about time!

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