With race weekend fast approaching, and thousands of runners and spectators getting ready to take part in the events of Grandma's Marathon 2019, the ever-persistent question of what the weather will be like stands.

Here's the latest forecast for the various locations tied to Grandma's Marathon events:

Friday Evening - William A Irvin 5K, Entertainment Tent Concerts (Duluth)

Partly to mostly cloudy with a lake breeze (East) around 10-15 mph. Temperatures are expected to be around 56 degrees for the William A. Irvin 5K, dipping to around 52 degrees through the evening for the performers at the entertainment tents.

Saturday Morning - Grandma's Marathon Starting Line (Two Harbors)

Partly to mostly cloudy conditions with a NE wind around 10 mph. There is a slight chance of rain showers through the morning hours. Some fog or mist is possible. Temperatures will start around 48 degrees at 6 am, up to 51 at 7 am, and 55 at 8 am.

Saturday Morning - Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon/Grandma's Marathon Finish Line (Duluth)

Partly to mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain showers through the morning hours. There is also a possibility of fog or mist. There will be a ENE breeze around 10 mph, with temperatures starting at 49 degrees at 6 am, 50 degrees at 7 am, 53 degrees at 8 am, 55 degrees at 9 am, 56 degrees at 10 am. Temps will warm up to near 60 by noon.

Saturday Daytime (Duluth)

Partly to mostly cloudy conditions in Canal Park, with an ENE breeze between 10-15 mph and temperatures around 62 degrees. 30% chance of rain showers or thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

Saturday Evening - Entertainment Tent Concerts (Duluth)

Remaining mostly cloudy into the evening hours, with temperatures cooling from 60 degrees at 6 pm to around 52 at midnight. The ENE breeze at 10-15 mph seen through most of the day will continue, calming some through the evening. There is a 40% chance for rain showers or a rumble of thunder into the evening hours.

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