The University of Wisconsin-Superior is introducing a new program for students that are looking for different ways to kick off their college education.

According to a press release from UWS, "about one out of six high school seniors are unsure about their fall college plans due to COVID-19, with as many as 35 percent of those respondents saying they are considering taking a gap year and 13 percent undecided."

The new offering is called planU and it is a one-semester program for the upcoming fall semester that will offer a "highly transferrable set of online courses taught by instructors known for their online instruction skills and personal interaction with students."

The new planU program will be offered at a special rate of $273 per credit, and with some financial add programs available, some students might have no out of pocket expenses.

Jeremy Nere, admissions director at the University of Wisconsin-Superior says, "“After the fall semester, students in the planU program have the option of continuing their studies at UW-Superior either on-campus or online, depending on their major, or they can transfer their credits to another institution. It’s a great way to get general education requirements completed at a highly regarded four-year institution in a cost-effective way."

Here are a list of classes available in the planU program:

  • Introduction to Academic Writing
  • Intro To Contemporary Math
  • Algebra with Applications
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Introduction to Communication
  • World Literature I
  • Cultural Geography
  • Introduction To Psychology
  • Human Biology
  • Human Biology Lab
  • Music Appreciation