It took a while, but finally, we’re meeting Venom. And Tom Hardy wants you to be very afraid.

The first teaser for the Sony film only introduced us to Hardy’s reporter, Eddie Brock, keeping a tight lid on the monster he’d soon turn into. But now the Spider-Man villain, who in this origin story is more of an anti-hero, gets to make his full monstrous debut in the Venom suit. The trailer shows Hardy’s Brock as a regular old guy; he goes on dates with Michelle Williams! He investigates bad guys like Riz Ahmed! He tells Jenny Slate she sucks inside a bodega! But Eddie Brock isn’t about to be a regular dude for long, and soon transforms into the titular alien symbiote once it latches onto him. Now he’s got black web-like goo that shoots out of his body, a freaky voice in his head, and one ugly mug.

Sony unveiled the trailer on Monday night at Cinema Con followed by the newest poster, which shows off Hardy’s split personality, torn between good guy reporter and nasty sharp-toothed creature:

Venom comes from Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer and there have been some rumors that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker might actually cameo in the film. The film also stars Reid Scott, Scott Haze, and Woody Harrelson (rumored to play Carnage). Venom hits theaters October 5.

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