Even with the heartbreaking pounding the Vikings took in the NFC Championship game last Sunday, some Vikings fans are still holding their heads high, not only showing support for their team, but for the Philadelphia Eagles as well.

A Vikings Fan named Jessica who is from Farmington Minnesota wants to show some "Brotherly Love"  Minnesota style ans has started a Go Fund Me Page to raise money for the Philadelphia Eagles Charity called "Eagles Charitable Foundation."  The foundation was started in 1995 to provide comprehensive eye care including eye exams and glasses for kids in the community who need it most, and most recently have expanded their commitment to autism research.

Jessica is hoping to raise $38,000 for the organization to represent the score (38 Points) that the Eagles had from Sunday's game. She is calling this the ultimate turning the other cheek for the Vikings fans that were mistreated by a few awful Eagles fans. Jessica is hoping to present the check on Super Bowl weekend to the organization. If you would like more information Click the Go Fund Me Page


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