The Minnesota Vikings just made a big move that will put them in the spotlight during the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft.

After the exit of quarterback Kirk cousins, the Vikings need to find a replacement for one of the top performing QBs in the NFL, they signed QB Sam Darnold, but I doubt that he's the answer the team was hoping for, so they made a trade today that gives the team lots of options moving forward.

The NFL Draft starts on April 25th in Detroit, and going into it the Vikings will have plenty of firepower to try and secure a QB that will be more than a short term fix.

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Who Did The Vikings Trade With, and What Did They Get?

The Vikings announced today that they have made a trade with the Houston Texans to acquire another first round pick, the Vikings already have the 11th overall pick, now with this trade they have added the 23rd overall pick to their arsenal.

With the trade, the Vikings get the 23rd and 232nd picks, while the Texans will walk away with the 42nd and 188th pick in this year's draft and a second-round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft.

What Can The Vikings Do With These Draft Picks?

The Vikings now possess two valuable first-round picks, opening up exciting possibilities; they could draft a couple of promising rookies to strengthen their roster, or they could strategically package those picks (and potentially additional draft capital) to move up the draft board and secure one of the highly-coveted quarterbacks at the top. Alternatively, they could leverage those picks and include a player in a blockbuster trade before the draft to bring in an established quarterback with a proven track record.

The team has some important decisions to make over the coming weeks that could shape the foreseeable future for a franchise that is still trying to win its first Super Bowl.

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