The Green Bay Packers have returned the favor after the Minnesota Vikings signed RB Aaron Jones from the Pack after they released him.

The Packers went into last season with rookie kicker Anders Carlson, and it's fair to say that his rookie year wasn't what the Packers hoped it would be, he hit 60% of field goal attempts from 50 or more yards, but he really struggled between 40–49 yards, only hitting 50% and he missed 5 extra point attempts.

In what appears to be an attempt to create some competition for the starting kicker job for the Packers going into the next NFL season, the team has decided to add a veteran kicker to their roster, one that Vikings; fans are familiar with.

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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According to Sports Agent Brett Tessler, the Packers have signed free agent Greg Joseph, who kicked for the Vikings over the past three seasons. Joseph hit 82.2% of field goal attempts and nailed 90% of his extra points, he also excels where Carlson is weak, hitting over 90% of field goals under 50 yards. Details of the deal weren't annouced, but NFL Insider Ian Rapoport says the deal is for 1 year and worth up to $1.3 million.

This leaves the Packers with 3 kickers on their roster, Carlson, the newly signed Joseph, and Jack Podlesny, another former Viking who once competed against Joseph in training camp for the Vikings' starting kicker job in 2023.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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Before joining the Vikings, Joseph played 14 games with the Cleveland Browns, and two games with the Tennessee Titans. He also spent some time on the Panthers and Buccaneers practice squads.

To replace Joseph, the Vikings signed kicker John Parker Romo, he spent the 2023 season playing for the San Antonio Brahmas in the XFL. Romo led the XFL with 51 points, and once shared a video of himself kicking a 73-yard field goal in practice.

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