Just a couple of weeks ago prior to the Green Bay Packers game, we told you about how the Minnesota Vikings had only a 3% chance of making the playoffs. Then in a stunning upset this team finally found it's legs and beat the Green Bay Packers. That increased their playoff odds to 13%, which we will admit was still a pretty weak chance.

Now the Vikings ended up beating the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Wouldn't you know it, the Vikings now have a 24% chance of making the postseason now according to fivethirtyeight.com. Still yes that percentage is low, but seeing as how the Vikings had virtually no chance at week 6 of making the playoffs, and now are at a 24% chance makes you wonder. If the Vikings keep winning, could it be possible to sneak in?

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The simulation from FiveThirtyEight has the Vikings finishing the season now at 7-9. That's not a great record but not unheard of in some years for getting a wild card spot. If the Vikings continue to play like they have in the last two games, they may have a shot at even a better record. Another win could tip the scale a little further if they can beat the 5-4 Chicago Bears in a division game. The Bears have had 3 straight losses now and are slipping from their second place in the NFC North. The Green Bay Packers still have an 81% chance of winning the division and an overall 96% chance of making the playoffs.

So not a lot has changed but if the Vikings keep winning their still could be a chance. The season is not at a complete loss yet like we may have thought just a few weeks ago, although we still admit that it would be quite the fairy tale to see this team accomplish anything of grandeur this season.

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