Unless you happen to live in Arizona or Hawaii (or various other territories/countries around the world), we'll be "springing ahead" an hour early Sunday morning. While this means we'll be losing an hour of sleep Saturday night, we will also be able to enjoy an extra hour of sunlight into the summer months.

Multiple studies have been done that show there are negative physical side effects to the abrupt overnight change in time that have an impact for the week following the daylight saving time change. (Yes, it is daylight saving, not daylight savings time.) This year, apparently, there are some pre-daylight saving effects that have people forgetting which direction the clocks are being adjusted.

A meme has been making the rounds on social media that originally was getting shared in October (for when we fall back an hour) that has been getting shared a lot again this week as we prepare to adjust our clocks. The problem is that the meme plays off a Cher song about "turning back time", rather than moving the clock forward - like we will really be doing.

It amazes me how many of my friends I've seen blindly share the meme, not even thinking to question the fact that it's the opposite of what is actually happening. Sure, it's mildly funny, but totally inaccurate. Luckily someone created a "correction" meme to let the world know what's actually happening. See them both below.

Now that we got that clear, remember to spring ahead an hour this weekend!

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