The dreaded "turn your clock back an hour" and lose an hour of sunshine at the end of the day is coming. Many people have been confused about whether or not Daylight Saving Time (yes, that's the correct way to say it, not 'savings time') would be continuing or not. It was big news last year when Florida Senator Marco Rubio's Sunshine Protection Act bill passed the US Senate in March.

It was a unanimous vote, and news outlets ran with it declaring daylight saving time would be a thing of the past. Except here's the thing: it still hasn't passed the House yet.

So for Minnesotans, nothing has changed so far. On November 6th, 2022 we'll fall back an hour, shortening our evening sunshine. For us in The Northland, that means it's dark by supper time, and it's time to take those vitamin D supplements.

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This could perhaps be the last time if the House of Representatives does end up voting on and passing the bill, which would then need to be signed by the President. It's not clear when they will vote after the midterm elections in November. It's not exactly a top-priority bill, but maybe if it's something congress can actually agree on, they should put it forward. According to USA Today, it needs to be passed at a federal level before states could adopt changes. They also pointed out that this isn't the first time we've tried to end the clock changes [paywall].

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