Let the Gaga hype begin.  Lady Gaga is getting ready to release her second studio album to the world May 23rd, and the first single and title track, Born This Way will drop February 13th.

Gaga will grace the cover of  Vogue magazine in March. She tweeted "They used to call me rabbit teeth in school, and now I'm a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN!". She was also nice enough to share a picture of the cover. Go Gaga!

In other GaGa news, Prez Hilton told MTV News, "This album is Gaga's Like a Prayer, and that is huge praise coming from me, who is, like, the biggest Madonna fan ever, and I told Gaga that I think this album is her Like a Prayer, and she took that as a big compliment, and I'm so tempted to say more."

Hopefully the album can live up to the all the hype, though I'm sure all her little Monsters will love the album either way.