Well this is pretty neat. The Voyageurs Wolf Project recently shared a video of all the wildlife it captured on a trail camera set up at a beaver dam crossing. This is a really remote area, and you get to see some of the coolest animals we have in Northern Minnesota. Besides seeing deer, bears, wolves, and other smaller animals, you also get to see the seasons change with the different clips. We truly do live a beautiful place.

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They set up the camera at the beaver dam crossing, as these areas can be high traffic areas for wildlife crossing the boreal forest. There's a lot of wetlands, so this is where some animals make their easier crossings across. It's the perfect place to set up a camera and catch some awesome footage.

In the video you can see wolves, bears, deer (& fawn), Canadian geese, crane, ducks and ducklings, beaver, a fox, an owl, and more birds and other small animals. It's also crazy to see how the vegatation changes over the year. By July, you can hardly recognize it's the same place with how lush and green it is. I also couldn't help thinking about that nice buck showing up in November on the camera during hunting season.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and The National Park Service. Their goal is to study what wolves do in the summer. In the winter wolves hunt and travel in packs, but in the summer they are more solitary. There's not much known about wolf pup survival and other wolf behaviors in the summer months. If you look close on the video, one of the wolves even has a tracking collar on it. You can read more about the Voyageurs Wolf Project online.

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