Working sometimes only inches away from cars speeding by at highway speeds is enough to make anyone feel a little nervous. Sadly, there are stories every year of drivers that are speeding or are inattentive that cause tragedies in work zones, and it doesn't have to be that way if everyone just follows the posted work zone speed limits, pays extra attention, and moves over if there is room to do so safely.

MNDOT shared a 360-degree video (below) on Wednesday to show what it is like to be on the side of a busy road in a work zone, and it is definitely eye-opening seeing a work zone from the perspective of a worker.

Sure, road construction can make traffic a little more frustrating or make your trip to your destination a little longer, but these projects are being done to make for better and safer roads for everyone. The next time you see orange, slow down, and help keep these workers safe as they try to make your roads better.

You can watch the video below. It is a 360-degree video, so you can pan around with your finger on your phone or with your mouse on a computer by dragging around on the screen. If you are unable to see the embedded video on your device, you can watch it here.


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