I had a busy morning today, and I was in a hurry to make it to my chiropractor's office for a last-minute adjustment to find relief for this vertigo I've been suffering from. My neck has been killing me in recent days, and this Duluth street did not help the matter.

I was traveling west on Grand Avenue near Central Avenue. I needed to take a side street to turn around legally so I could find a parking spot. As I turned on the side street, my truck started to buck horribly. I quickly hit the brakes and still came to a bumpy, bumpy stop. For a second I thought I might have a serious issue with a tire or my vehicle, but when I looked back it was over a block of rolling pavement!

Even traveling at 15 miles per hour it feels like you're riding a bull.

When we complain about Duluth streets, it's usually because of all the potholes. Just take a drive through Lincoln Park. Those folks have it rough!

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

This particular street is 58th Avenue West near Ramsey Street. Do you know of a worse street? Send me a picture and I'll investigate.

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What causes this? In the wintertime, frost can cause the heaving of roads. This happens a lot. But there isn't a frost yet in this area. It could still be a result of last year. There also could be a problem with the subsurface material.

I feel for the people on this road. Good luck with your morning sip of coffee on your way to work.

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