How exciting! An awesome new lifestyle show is headed to a television screen near you and soon. The show will air on WDIO.

I think we can all agree that the news has been really hard to watch over the past few years due to everything going on in the world. From the pandemic to global issues, it seems that the only news out there is bad news.

Of course, we have to stay informed on what is going on in the world. However, it is nice whenever we hear a happy or heartwarming story, especially when it is from right here in the community. That is where this new show comes in!

WDIO just announced the exciting new addition on Wednesday (August 24th), sharing that the show will be an uplifting, positive one filled with good news and great stories from the people in the community - and more!

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The show is called The Lift and it will be hosted by anchor and reporter Baihly Warfield every afternoon. The show will explore cool hidden gems in the area and shine a spotlight on them. Plus, she will also talk to locals to learn tips and expertise from people around the area on a variety of topics.

The Lift will also focus on finding new things to do around the Northland, aside from the popular activities that everyone knows about. People in the cooking, fitness, real estate and finance industries will also be guests on the show offering tips and tricks in their area of expertise. The show will also feature happy, uplifting stories as well, with an aim on sharing good news around the Northland every afternoon.

The show will also be very viewer-focused. The Lift will feature stories, photos and videos from Northlanders every single day. They want you to be part of the conversation and will incorporate the local viewer in each episode. You can also send in story ideas of your own to be featured on the show.

The show will officially debut on Tuesday, September 6th. It will air every weekday at 4:30 pm. It will be thirty minutes long and will be on Monday through Friday.

As for the title, it is a fun play on words, as the show will offer a nice "lift" or second wind to your afternoon. Host Baihly Warfield shared that the show will "bring a positive jolt of energy to your afternoons" which is much needed, in my opinion. Ha!

WDIO News Director Rob Heverling also weighed in on the name of the show, sharing that everyone needs "a moment to get inspired by something we learn." From this inspiration, we get a little bit of a lift. Of course, the name is also an homage to one of Duluth's most famous landmarks: the Aerial Lift Bridge!

I am so excited to see this show. We will know that the news can be dark, especially over the past few years, and I think the positive vibe of the show is a great way to wrap up a workday or wind down from a long day of work.

I am also excited to see the good that is happening in the Northland AND learn about some hidden gems. We all know about the popular and famous gems of the Northland but I can't wait to see the lesser-known gems. I can't wait! Make sure you tune in on September 6th.

Recently, WDIO captured something amazing! They shared a really cool time lapse video of a morning storm. The amazing visual was caught on camera this month and it truly blows my mind to watch every time.

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