Fall is right around the corner which can mean many things in the Twin Ports. It sometimes means another month of summer or it could mean an early winter. Now, we have some clarity.

The Weather Channel released their temperature outlook for this fall. They shared it on Thursday (August 18th) and I have to be honest, I definitely took a deep breath before I read it because I am not ready for winter weather just yet.

One thing is for sure: it can't be worse than what the Farmer's Almanac just put out. The Farmer's Almanac shared their annual winter forecast recently and said that now is the time to stock up on winter gear because it was going to be an early winter.

As always, they also shared that it would be another long winter with record-breaking cold temperatures. The Farmer's Almanac also said that Minnesota will be a "hibernation zone" which is never good.

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Thankfully, we have fall to get through before it comes to that - hopefully. The Weather Channel says that overall, we should see warmer-than-average temperatures across the country this fall.

As for Minnesota and Wisconsin, it looks like we will see average temperatures for the most part. This isn't as nice as a warmer-than-average fall full time but we will take it. The Weather Channel says we can expect average and mild temperatures during the months of September and November.

It is during October that the Weather Channel says we will see warmer-than-average temperatures for the Twin Ports, along with Minnesota and Wisconsin. The good news is, this likely means that we won't see a super early winter.

Last year, we seemed to have a warm fall as well. September was one of the warmest on record in Duluth in 2021. We saw a nice mix of 60s and 70s which seems like a heat wave when you consider what winter usually brings.

So why the warmer-than-average temperatures across the country? The Weather Channel report attributes this to La Niña. With La Niña in full effect, we will see warm weather persisting into the end of the year.

I know that I am fine with a long fall rather than an early winter. Last winter was brutal and it seemed to last forever! While I am used to winter living in Minnesota most of my life, I am fine with it being a little shorter this time around.

By the way, while we do have some before winter rolls around, it is good to prepare for winter early so you aren't scrambling. There are a few things you can do before the first snowfall to make your life a whole lot easier!

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