WotWhatWrong.com is a new website that claims to help people find out the reasons behind their failed relationships, as it’s developers put it, “in a socially acceptable way.”

Once you sign up for WotWhatWrong, you can send a feedback form to your ex or failed date(s). The form contains a bunch of reasons they can select as feedback, in addition to anything else they might want to painfully add to describe the experience of dating you.

Once the feedback is compiled and sent back to you, they get ‘rewarded’ and you, according to WotWhatWrong, get to ‘move on’ with your life. Well that was easy.

Check out this handy promotional video that pretty much explains it all:

The feedback will probably help. Though we’re not sure how learning you’re a loser will help that much in your next relationship. Eh, might explain why she’ll dump you too. You won’t even need to contact her via website. Progress!

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