This would be an amazing early Christmas miracle! One company is looking for someone to play video games in exchange for cash.

This will appeal to anyone and everyone who loves video games but not only that - it will appeal to those trying to get their hands on the coveted Playstation 5. is in the market for someone who can play fifty hours worth of video games on the new Playstation 5 in exchange for a grand. Sounds great, right? All you have to do after the fact is review the new console and answer a few basic questions.

If you are the lucky winner, you will get your very own Playstation console, the cash mentioned and the opportunity to talk about your experience on the website's YouTube page.

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The lucky winner will be asked to have a reliable internet connection and a television that can support gaming. If you are a video game lover, chances are you already have both of these things.

The application process will close on December 21st at 9 a.m. so don't wait to apply! You can do so on the company's website, linked above.

If you are chosen for the gig, you will have one week to accept the offer. The winner will be notified via email so keep your inbox open!

Who wouldn't want to play video games for cash? This is an awesome "job" opportunity and a great excuse to play video games morning, noon and night!

Speaking of video game consoles like the Playstation 5, be cautious of a scam circulating right now, which has scammers selling fake gaming consoles to consumers.

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