This seems like the never-ending winter in the Twin Ports and it doesn't seem like the end is in sight just yet.

Not only has it been long but it has also been cold. WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers recently explained just why this spring has felt so cold in the Duluth area. Being a long winter and a cold one makes it seem even more unbearable of a winter.

I also reached out to him recently to see when our last snow usually falls in the region. Let's be honest, not only has this winter been long and cold but it has also been snowy! According to his research, the last day for snowfall in Duluth usually falls around the 26th of April.

He also stated at that time that there have been late-May snowfalls on record so don't get too excited that we are past the date of the last typical snowfall. Ha! While a record is a record for a reason, it wouldn't be out of the question for this to happen again.

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It has been a record-breaking winter to say the least. In fact, we broke one on this very day! I was shocked to learn that this is the first dry Wednesday we have had in six weeks. Yes, you read that right.

WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers shared this fact on his Facebook page on Wednesday (April 27th), the very same day we broke this record, if you want to call it that.

Yikes! Snow totals haven't been crazy high but it is still worth noting considering we are about to head into May. Those high temperatures above also show just how cold it has been without a real sense of spring.

One tell tale sign that things are not going as they usually do is the possibility of an icy fishing opener. "Ice out" is the term used for when there is no more ice on lakes and it seems like the possibility of ice out happening isn't guaranteed when fishing opener happens next month.

If you need to feel a little better about all of this just know that it could be worse! On a recent April day when we saw questionable weather, North Dakota was dealing with much worse. Bismarck got hit with such a bad storm mid-April that it was being called Snowmaggedon. Ha!

Sadly, it doesn't look like things will be getting any warmer anytime soon. The National Weather Service of Duluth recently shared an outlook into early May and let's just say it isn't ideal.

At this point, we can only laugh.

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