I still remember my grandparents always talking about the time it snowed on 4th of July. We lived on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, and they brought this up almost every year that one time it snowed on the morning of 4th of July years ago. It only happened once according to them, but I assumed they were full of it. Now, with this strange season, I believe it.

It's June 12th, and we just had a frost advisory from 1am-7am from the National Weather Service Duluth Office. They say it's likely again tonight too because of a high pressure system from Canada that's cooling us off. We could see temperatures in Ely, Orr, Virginia, and Sea Gull lake reaching near freezing.

Not only that, but we got reports that just to our north in Geraldton, Ontario that snow was falling.

Really 2020! Can we at least have a summer? I live in the Twin Ports now and I've grown accustomed to cooler springs, but this one has been really cold. While parts of the state were hitting the 90's this last Monday, we mustered about 67 degrees by the lake.

The good news is it looks like we'll have a warm up next week with temperatures approaching the upper 70's. That's about or above average for daily high temperatures this time of the year. For this weekend keep your hooded sweatshirt handy, and maybe wait another week to jump in the lake. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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