If you were at any of the three games at the Xcel Energy Center for the 2018 Frozen Four, you have the chance to find and tag yourself in a massive 360-degree photo taken of the stadium. As an interactive element of the tournament, the NCAA teamed up with FanCam to provide a stadium-wide snapshot that captured all of the fans as they cheered on their favorite team.

Fancam captures a 20 gigapixel image that spans the whole stadium, giving fans the opportunity to zoom in real close, find themselves, and tag themselves in the FanCam photo on social media. You can also create a "digital postcard" of your photo to share the snapshot of yourself on social media.

Aside from the three games of the Frozen Four tournament, FanCam also has been used at Twins games, Wild games, Vikings games, and Gophers football games. If you were at any of the three games, you likely heard some promotion of the FanCam photos over the arena sound system at the Xcel Energy Center. If you didn't catch the website, we have you covered. You can access all three of the weekend's photos from the tournament hub, or you can see the individual games at the links below.

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