I would guess most of you are pretty baffled, so here is the story. I was at Duluth Pack yesterday in Canal Park for their Grand Opening and I got to chatting with Tracie who was doing sewing demonstrations in the store. She was sewing names on a piece of canvas for people and also working on a bag at lightening speed.

Since I can't even sew on a button I have to say I was blown away at how fast a pace she goes and it is all made with care and love. Tracie said she loves to sew so working at Duluth Pack is the best job ever! For those of you who may not know, many artists who perform in the Twin Cities receive a hand made product from Duluth Pack. Some of them include Adam Levine from Maroon Five, Ed Sheeran and even Adele.

Traci went to tell me that they made a big purse for her and gave it to her when she was at the Xcel Energy Center in July of last year. So here is the connection, Traci sewed a bag just for me, so being the huge dork that I am I thought to myself " Hey Adele and I both have a bag made just for us!"

Technically anyone who has bought a handmade Duluth Pack Product has something in common with all those celebrities too, because every item has the sewers name on the tag!  I just love the fact that my girl Adele is probably strolling around London right now with her Duluth Pack purse slung over her shoulder.

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