Which food does Minnesota hate more than any other state?

Hater, the dating app that connects people based on things that they hate, compiled the information and released the findings of what food each state hates more than the others.

So what food does Minnesota despise more than any other state? Drum roll....

Credit: Hater/The Daily Meal
Credit: Hater/The Daily Meal

Really, Minnesota? Beans? As the kid of a farmer who has farmed beans for years, I'm disappointed. But after getting over the answer for Minnesota, I have a bone to pick with Wisconsin and Michigan.

First off, what on earth are Wisconsin people doing saying that they don't like Lunchables? Were they all neglected as children? I still snag a Lunchable every now and again and I'm 25 (don't judge me). The disrespect...

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse than the most hated food in Wisconsin, Michigan decides to go to the next level. The wolverine state decides that they hate COLD PIZZA more than any other state. How can you hate cold pizza? Having a cold slice of za right out of the fridge is a time honored tradition of a weekend morning.

On the other side of the equation, I have to applaud Texas. Steak cooked well done is a travesty and is a waste of a good piece of meat. Also Louisiana has the right idea condemning cookies with raisins in them. There is no lower low than biting into a cookie assuming it's a chocolate chip cookie and getting that raisin taste.

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