I have always kind of leaned towards setting up the Christmas Tree and decorations after Thanksgiving. Let's put one holiday to bed before we start on the next one. But really at the end of the day, I feel like whatever makes you happy, do your thing.

Etiquette expert William Hanson from Great Britain weighed in on the subject to The Daily Mail. According to him, putting up Christmas decorations too early will make you socially undesirable. He says you should wait until December 17th to put up your tree and everything should be taken down by January 6th.

I personally think that is quite a snobby attitude about the whole thing, but then I am not an etiquette expert. So, Cooper and I did a little Q and A to ask you our listeners what you think. The general consensus was that it is OK to put up your decorations anytime after Thanksgiving, and that they should come down by New Year's. Here's what some of our listeners on our Facebook page had to say:

  • Lacy H.: Put up Now!!! That's the problem with America ... We have "rules" or tradition. Have fun and be happy 
  • Christina L.: Just started this past weekend. FT overnight shifts, FT school, and 3 kids and activities...don’t have time and still not done. Daughter says it looks like Santa 🎅 threw up in our house 🏡 😂😂 do what works! No rules to it.
  • Ashlee W.: I put my tree up November 4th no regrets 😂🎄
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  • Justin F.: When Walmart puts out Christmas stuff it is time. :)
  • Rachel K.: It's fair game after Halloween and comes down Jan 2nd

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