The holidays are in full swing and with that means eating - and lots of it.

We all have our favorite holiday treats that we look forward to eating and snacking on come this time of year. Many of us even have traditions that include making these treats with our family and friends.

So what is the most popular Christmas treat in Minnesota and Wisconsin? One website,, set out to find out the answer to that very important question.

According to their findings, the favorite holiday treat in Minnesota is a peppermint kiss cookie! Those are regular cookies with a peppermint Hershey kiss placed in the middle. Yum! Wisconsin has a similar favorite: the very popular Andes Peppermint candy.

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It looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin have one thing in common: residents of both states like peppermint, which is such a classic taste for this time of year.

In case you're curious, the organizers of this study looked at Google trends to see what we are snacking on most this time of year. They cross-referenced what they found there with forty favorite holiday snacks and this study was born.

Other classic Christmas favorites mentioned in the study include pudding, cheesecake and eggnog. Skittles were even mentioned as one of the favorite holiday treats. However, I am not so sure it can be classified as a holiday treat. Ha!

Speaking of Christmas, are you hoping for a snowy one this year? The National Weather Service of Duluth just laid out the possibility of us seeing one and they said there's a pretty good chance of it. Let is snow and let's eat!

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