If you are giving someone a gift card for a present you might want to do your homework to ensure that they will want or be able to use it.But, if you find yourself with a gift card or two that is of no use to you here are some options on what you can do about from GoMN.com

Apparently there are three companies that will either buy your gift card back from you or you can swap it for something else. Obviously it will not be the full value, but it's better than throwing it away in a drawer and going to waste.

  1. CARDPOOL : A  place where you can buy others gift cards or sell yours online. According to their website you could get up to 92% cash back.
  2. ) CARDCASH:  Buy or sell unused gift cards, with quite a variety of gift cards to buy.
  3. .) RAISE: This web site let's you set the price on what you want to sell your gift cards for, and also sells gift cards as well.

Plus, this is new to me TARGET has a program where you can bring in gift cards from certain retailers and trade them in for a Target Gift Card. The Target store in Duluth does participate in this program, Click Here for more information.  If all else fails re-gift them, just don't ever let them go to waste. Whoever gave that card to you paid good money for it and had the best of intentions.

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