In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, pretty much everything shut down. That included closing the Superior landfill to the public. That was kind of frustrating for many people who found themselves at home doing spring cleaning. I found myself finding tons of stuff to throw away! We have so much clutter!

Fortunately the landfill opened this week with some restrictions. A friend I have that works for the city clued me in before I went, and I checked the Superior website and found how they are handling the public at the landfill off Mike Moccasin Road.

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There are restricting the amount of people that are up at the landfill. You are to drive on the scale to where the intercom is to check in. They'll let you know when you can go. Dump your materials, staying a safe distance from anyone else. When you are finished, you leave and weigh again on the scale. Then park, and pay at the side window. The only payment being accepted is credit cards.

The hours the landfill are open is as follows:

Monday-Friday 8am-3:40. No load will be accepted after 3:40.

Saturdays open 7am-11am. No loads accepted after 11am.

Also Superior's free landfill days had to be moved because of the stay at home order. The new dates are tentatively planned for May 30th and Saturday June 6th. This is only offered to City of Superior residents, and people are asked to show proof of residency.

Another thing to mention is that with Goodwill being closed, the landfill cannot accept dry, clean mattresses for recycling, so all mattresses with be disposed of for a $25 fee.

You can find out more information and a list of acceptable items to dispose of at the City of Superior website.

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